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WXP Tutorials

These tutorials are constructed to take a user through the various facets of WXP. They are modular to a certain degree so those more familiar with WXP can skip to later topics. The first few tutorials are discussions of various system setups required to run WXP efficiently. If you choose to skip ahead, it is advisable to skim through the initial tutorials to become familiar with the tutorial flow.

The WXP tutorials are broken up into Basic and Advance sections. For the beginning user, you will want to go through the Basic Tutorials which discuss the basics of WXP.  The Intermediate Tutorials discuss scripting and the WWW.  The Advanced Tutorials look at some special approaches to analyzing data and administrative techniques using WXP.

Basic Tutorials... Using WXP

For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Last updated by Dan Vietor on April 10, 2000