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WXP, The Weather Processor


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WXP, the Weather Processor, is a suite of programs/toolkit for analyzing and displaying meteorological data and satellite images. WXP originated at Purdue University but is now being developed by Unisys. It is intended to be an general purpose weather visualization tool for near-realtime and archived meteorological data.
The software package handles data broadcast directly by the National Weather Service, reads in and files the data, decodes and parses the information and finally visualizes the data in a variety of formats. The primary audience for the package are meteorologists but is also developed to provide non-meteorologists the ability to view the data with varying degrees of complexity.




Minimum platform requirements are:

Product Sales and Information:

Unisys Weather Information Services
ATTN: Sales
2476 Swedesford Road
Malvern, PA 19355
Email: sales-support@weather.unisys.com
Phone: 800-610-9473

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Technical Information:

Unisys Weather Information Services
ATTN: Meteorology
2476 Swedesford Road
Malvern, PA 19355
Email: technical-support@weather.unisys.com
Phone: 800-610-9473


Unisys licenses and distributes WXP. Binary only licenses are available for UNIX and Windows 95/98/NT platforms on a single machine or site license basis. Please call 800-610-9473 for specific pricing and license information.

WXP (binaries and database files) is available online from a password protected web site.
Current database files are available from Unisys Web server at http://weather.unisys.com/wxp/etc.

Documentation is available in HTML, PDF and hardcopy formats.

For More Information:

Visit the WXP Web server (http://weather.unisys.com) for samples of WXP output.

Visit the WXP documentation site: (http://weather.unisys.com/wxp/index.php) for information on WXP and online documentation on the package.

For further information about WXP, email technical-support@weather.unisys.com