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Quillayute WA (UIL-72797) - Current

Quillayute WA (UIL-72797) - Current
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A Skew T plot is a standard plot used by meteorologists to analyze data from a balloon sounding. This is a plot of temperature with height as denoted by pressure. The pressure lines are plotted horizontally in blue and are also on an inverse log scale. The concept of Skew T means that the temperature is not plotted vertically but angles off to the right at a 45 degree angle. The temperature lines of the Skew T are in blue. The green lines are called dry adiabats. The light blue dashed lines are saturation adiabats. The yellow dashed lines are lines of constant mixing ratio. The sounding is plotted as two white lines. The right line is the temperature profile. The left line is the dewpoint profile. The winds are plotted as wind barbs with height (see below) on the right edge of the plot.