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Unisys has more than 40 years in providing reliable and timely weather data and products to the global weather enterprise, public, weather sensitive industries and businesses, and governments.

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Unisys, a market leader of customized agile mission-critical weather IT solutions and innovative environmental information services, meets the complex and diverse needs of the organizations that rely on weather information.

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Our History


UNIVAC-1 Used for Government Weather Forecasting

The Sperry Rand Corporation was one of the first commercial providers of the UNIVAC series of first “supercomputers”. The US Government became one of the first clients to use UNIVAC to help predict the weather. (Sperry merged with Burroughs Corporation in 1986 to become Unisys)


Unisys helps deploy WSR-88D (Weather Surveillance Radar - 1988 Doppler) weather radar across the US for the National Weather Service.

Doppler Radar, also known as “NEXRAD”, changed the way forecasters and meteorologists viewed severe weather. Still in use today, Doppler radar is known for scanning inside severe storms for tornado inducing wind patterns, diagnosing ice pellets and hail, and providing storm “tops” for aviation.


Unisys launches the Unisys Weather Data Center

Serving both commercial and Government clients worldwide, Unisys is one of the first commercial companies to develop and deploy enterprise class weather data services, software, and systems to several industries including aviation, media, value added resellers, energy, engineering, and other organizations which rely on critical weather information.


Unisys Develops Patented Radar Mosaics for NOAA, FAA, and Commercial Clients

​​​​​​Using sophisticated software algorithms and intimate knowledge of weather radar systems, Unisys was the first company to provide highly reliable, accurate radar mosaics for Government and industry. Still in use today, Unisys’ Radar Mosaics provide forecasters at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) the ability to analyze and forecast precipitation and ice up to 60,000 feet, winter storms, and hurricanes making landfall.


Unisys NOAAPort Gateway Released

The Unisys NOAAPort Gateway, combining the power of the Unisys NOAAPort interface with the ability to ingest multiple communication streams from Unisys data center (landline) or satellite, allows clients to obtain critical weather data from both NWS NOAAPort and Unisys Weather Data center with 99.9% or better reliability and availability. In addition, Unisys was the first to fully test the NOAAPort Gateway to 100 Mbps ingest in anticipation of the new satellites (GOES-R) and new high resolution weather models (RAP, HRRR, NAM 3km, etc).