Advanced Weather Services

From the minor inconvenience of a slowing highway to a major accident including mass casualties and loss of life – weather has always been, and always will be, the major factor influencing the way we travel. The earliest days of civilization saw the influence of weather and climate on human settlement, and changing climates today influence vulnerable populations and global security. Volcanic eruptions decimated entire regions; tropical storms and hurricanes killed hundreds of thousands. The “Dust Bowl” propelled migration to California, and weather patterns influence business decisions by retailers, restaurants, insurance companies, and even military operations and political elections.

Advances in technology and innovations in high speed networking, connectivity and the proliferation of sensors have given us unprecedented and feature rich sets of data. High performance computing, cheap storage, and vast data lakes allow us to analyze those datasets to infer patterns and information we’ve never seen. Only now we are applying those analytics to operational planning and decision support systems to not only avoid natural hazards, but take advantage of them to optimize logistics and supply chain, plan more efficient aircraft routes, enable better advanced planning for consumer travel, increased battlefield situational awareness, and increase efficiency for marine, port, truck and rail delivery.

Unisys can provide tailored and customized weather data products and services from both the Unisys WeatherMAX Data Center and the new Unisys Weather Information Service Cloud offerings. Clients can tailor their subscriptions based on types and amount of data required. Tailored services can include specialized weather information services for industries such as aviation, travel and transportation, energy and emergency management. Unisys will maintain a robust, reliable data service in AWS with redundant failover capabilities, offer industry standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and maintain 24x7 monitoring and a service desk for any issues or questions.

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